That Day the Sky was Grey

Spring was in full bloom

Yet, you’d find no clue.

Crimson soaked the ground,

Screams pierced through,

The open, musky air, while

Gas clogged tissue–

Paralyzed in the mud

Though Death seemingly had issue

Rescuing those from their plight. Watched

A man cry, his head split in-two.

There were no cries for a Savior

Off our tongues His name fell to,

The bodies of the forsaken

Eventually, we’d succumb too.

We are prisoners of sin

With faces flushed blue,

From suffocation—blood

Escapes strewn sinew.

Abaddon sullies Earth

So to the Skies Angels flew

As I begged for forgiveness, but

Inside I already knew.

Time was up, it was spent

Unrepentant—punishment was due

A fate worse than death,

Now mistakes I cannot undo.

My search for Him stopped years ago

So today His search stopped too

And at that time, When God turned His back to walk away

I realized that day, that the skies were grey.


Between the Lines

Always around my friends
Leading the good life as I should.
Overly friendly, constantly loved.
Never without a smile on my face.
Everyday is an awesome day!

Feeling optimistically about life
Absolutely free-willed
Content with how I’ve been treated
A smile can cure a cold and a frown
Doesn’t let anything overwhelm me
Enjoy all aspects of life

Haikus! 3/11/13

Boredom suffocates

Nothing to look forward to

Spare me your bullshit


Doing plank push-ups

Pain swells over; core strengthens

A graceful dismount


Green eyed blonde haired girl

Beautiful astounding girl

Caught here in your snare


Fishing alone now

She teasingly tugs my bait

Patiently waiting.


I see you looking

Your coyness confuses me

lets talk pretty girl


I am a writer

Competitor and athlete

I am Joshua


Shoot for the moon, love

Don’t sell yourself short again

Become immortal


There he is again

Back now from his latest funk

Give no fucks, sir!