Catch Up 2/29/12

It’d be fun to catch up, because it’s been a while.

It’d be fun to hang out and kick it, to chill a while.

It’d be fun to reminisce and remember better days, Ange.

I’d love it one more time to see your smile.

Buddy, I’ve missed you, since you were taken from us.

Back to the earth, from dust to dust.

I bawled the last time I saw you, the goodbye hurt too much.

Your brothers look just like you now, they livin you up, bruh.

It’d be fun to catch up, your kids are doin great.

It’d be fun to hang out and kick it, like back in those Thanksgiving days.

It’d be fun to reminisce and remember better days, Unc.

I’d love it one more time to see your smile.

Never heard of sickle cell anemia before it hit you Unc.

When my mom told me you passed, everything sunk.

Watchin your kids grow up, I love them a bunch.

Our families have stuck together and we still missin you, Unc.

It’d be fun to catch up, though it hasn’t been long

It’d be fun to hang out and kick it, though this phone call I really prolong.

It’d be fun to reminisce and remember better days, babe

I’d love it one more time to see your smile.

I think I’ve come to accept it now. I think this’ll be the last write.

Your smell, your moves, and taste in my mind I’ve pushed back with fight.

‘See you later’ closed the book, memories in my minds attic; no lights.

I learned you must move on with life, though my heart appears static, with its own right.


Story 2/28/12

“I give my life to you dear friend.”

I stare into the shimmering, pearly white light. I watch as he disappears. The light follows him into nothingness.

I am left alone.




Translucent beings begin to slowly appear from the ground. Ghosts from the deep. At first, in this void of nothingness I was numb. Now feeling slowly flows into my body

“I give it all to you, my dear friend.” My voice raspy and unrecognizable.

The first full translucent humanoid figure appears in front of me. The faceless being cocks its head to the side and watches me.

I think its watching me. I slowly step back, or maybe I float back. I don’t think I have legs. I want to look down, but cannot.

I feel as if I am auto piloted


I move effortlessly backwards into more nothingness as more of the figures pop up. they all cock their head to the side, as if confused by my movements.

Maybe they are confused by my being here. I cannot explain…


“Dear friend. I give it, my life, to you!” I say this,I feel it come from my throat, my tongue, my mouth. But it is not my voice. I want to see who it is. I want to see who I am.

But I cannot.

The darkness moves past me. I know I am moving, because I am getting further away from the figures. Though more and more pop up. They pop up all around me.

This has me so confused that I think that, maybe, they are moving, and I am static.


“My life,” I feel my lips move, “is yours, my dear friend.”

A figure begins to run towards me. Then another. Then another. Then a wave of them come to me. Following me. Following my unspecified path through the void.

I think I am afraid. Though I cannot be exactly sure.

I feel the sensation of falling, of anxiety, all around me.

And then the first one touches me. The first figure touches me.

And i feel warm.

Immediately they all converge on it, on us.


I open my eyes. My body is heavy. I cannot move. But I feel heat.

I see light. Blinding light.


My eyes adjust. I am staring into a huge, magnificent beam of light. I turn my head to the side and see him again.

My friend.


“I’d give anything to you. You are my friend. You are my brother. I’d give my life for you.” He says tearing up. He is dressed in a hospital gown, laying next to me in our own seperate beds.

“I’ll go through with this operation. For you. My life would be incomplete without you. Dear friend.” He says to me, still crying. As I lay and wonder about how I got here, I can do nothing but cry,

My dilapidated body sits, dying, waiting for a blood transfusion and a kidney transplant. My childhood best friend lays next to me. Willing to give everything away, just to know that I’ll wake up, and smile again.


Marked Lesson 12/2011

Scars are meant to remind you of the past. Without scars we, as society, would never learn. Pain, unlike a scar, is only temporary. Fleeting pain leads to curiosity, while a scar is your bodys ‘nod’ to a lesson learned.

The New Champ: Pokemon Reality 12/2011

James steps up to the basketball court sized arena. He had done this what seemed like a million times. The roar of the crowd behind him was deafening, chanting his stage name, Kaiser, emphatically. Banners of his face and his squad were plastered all around his arena. His fans also held up sign, hoping to get spotted on television. The battle tested man of thirty four had gotten through a lot in his days battling, but today he believed would be his biggest challenge; his most ambitious challenger in years.

The youth was named Braylon, but his fan base had given him the name ‘Kamikaze’, not so much because of his reckless abandonment in his fights, but because of his ability to destroy anything in his path. James scoffed at the notion of a twelve year old kid being the, ’Divine Wind’, but he had to take the child seriously, it was his job on the line of course.

James stares at the kid as he is introduced by the overly dramatic announcer.

“Here he comes NOW!! The young and downright SCARY bright star who could be our FUTURE!!!!! KAAAAMMAAAAA CAAAUUZZZZEEEEEE!!!”

James scoffs when the announcer says future and sends a smile back towards his fans sitting in the rows behind him. The young man walks slowly to his position on the court staring back at James. He wore a grey hooded sweatshirt and black pants. His hood was perched carefully on the back half of his head and his hands placed inside the shirts pockets. As he reached his spot he took his hands out and slowly cocked his head slightly to his right, still staring at James. The boy smirked a little, and to James’ displeasure he immediately felt intimidated.

“Fuck’s wrong with this brat?” James thinks, frowning a bit.

James looks to the referee and gives him a nod signifying his readiness. The ref looks at Braylon for confirmation and the boy extends his hand and offers a half bow, more or less taunting James. The crowd slowly subdues and James raises his hand, to which Braylon smirks even wider.

“Ready up young Kamikaze! Your road will end here with me! The Fourteen year Champion of the League!” James exclaims. “I won’t take it easy on you, son! First up! WooSaa!”

James unclips his first pokeball and releases an Alakazam. The five foot tall psychic beast exits the pokeball and raises his arms to the crowd! The audience booms in approval chanting ‘WooSaa’ repeatedly. The announcer introduces ‘Woosaa’ over the noisy arena.

“OOOOHH MAAAANN! It looks like Kaiser is pulling out all the stops with his first choice! WooSaa Is known all around the world for his devastating psychic abilities, especially his Psybeam attack! Kamikaze needs to be very cautious!”

James smiles at his pokemon, and then turns his attention to Braylon. Braylon grins and yells to James.

“I’ve only brought two old man!” he shows the two pokeballs in his hands, “Beat me!”

Braylon throws his first pokemon out and it’s a Hitmonlee! This shocks not only the crowd, but also James and the announcer.

“Um.. Kamikaze chooses Hitmonlee for his first choice against the psychic pokemon. This may be some kind of ploy, because as we all know, fighting types are WEAK to psychics. Let’s see what happens!” says the Announcer.

Hitmonlee stands on one leg, as he lifts his other above his head, showing its flexibility and athleticism. He silently mutters ‘Lee’ with each breath he takes. Hitmonlee slowly lowers his leg and begins to bounce side to side.

“Foolish mistake Kamikaze! You will pay for this insult! WooSaa, Psychic attack!” James growls angrily. WooSaa nods and extends his hands towards Hitmonlee, as if aiming. WooSaa begins to glow purple and a low hum begins to be heard throughout the arena.  He begins his attack,

“Alakaza—“ he stops.

In a flash of dust, faster than almost anyone could react to, Hitmonlee sprints to WooSaa not only breaks his concentration with a swift kick in the chest, but it also shatters his ribs and knocks him flat to the ground. People in the crowd give out screams of astonishment. The announcer is flabbergasted by the ferocity of the kick and he also falls silent. James’ jaw drops and his eyes open wide.

“Holy.. Holy.. WooSaa.. Are you okay comrade?!” He asks his friend.

WooSaa can only look to his master, also in disbelief. He opens his mouth to speak, but can only cough out blood. He stares up to his master from his back, motionless, seemingly paralyzed. Hitmonlee growls and lifts his leg once more, but this time he swiftly brings it down across WooSaa’s neck, beheading the pokemon.

“NOOOO YOU MONSTER!!!!” James yells, terrified.  People from the audience also cry out in horror.

“Oh my sweet God. WooSaa has been eternally retired.” The announcer says astonished. “This is the first KOD (knock out death) that Kaiser has ever had to deal with. How will he respond?”

James reaches down and releases another pokemon.

“Sparks fly! Go and avenge WooSaa! Do it now!” he cries.

He lets out a Raichu. This electric pokemon had been traded to James by the former Champion. He cherished their friendship, even though he had longer ties with all his other pokemon. The released pokemon is startled to see his beheaded  friend laying in front James. It steps away from the body slowly, trying to focus on his task at hand.

“Sparks, this guy is fast as hell bro! Stay on your toes! Thunder Bolt Attack!” James commands .

Sparks immediately lets loose his attack, but Hitmonlee vanishes right before the attack hits! He appears across the court standing next to Braylon. The announcers gasp in the microphone is the only thing heard in the otherwise quiet arena. Braylon laughs and points at Sparks. He whispers something to Hitmonlee, which it nods to and disappears again. Sparks looses a barrage of electric attacks at the disappearing and reappearing Hitmonlee. He misses each time by what seems as only fractions of a second. Hitmonlee appears in front of Sparks and makes the pokemon fall back in surprise! Sparks cheeks explode again with electricity but this time instead of disappearing he flips over Sparks and bashes him in the back of his neck with a powerful kick. Sparks stumbles forward dazed and he begins to shoot electricity haphazardly. Hitmonlee dodges each attack with ease and again attacks the helpless pokemon with his powerful legs. His kick sends Sparks high into the air and Hitmonlee follows up with a powerful combo in the air! The last kick shoots the poor Raichu back down to the ground hard and rag dolls him back into the air.

“SHIT! Sparks! Come back!” James screams and points Sparks ball at the pokemon  and retrieves him.  The spectacle of this fight left James almost wanting to quit. He didn’t want any more harm to befell his friends. But he knew he couldn’t stop. It was his duty to continue to fight.

“The Champ has 4 more pokemon left and he hasn’t even scratched Kamikaze! What will happen?” The announcer questions.

James reaches for his next pokemon and unleashes a Dragonite! Voodoo was by far the strongest pokemon in James’ arsenal, he believed going to his anchor now was his only hope. He had grown up training this pokemon, Voodoo, since he first became a trainer. Their bond together became more of a family tie than that of a friend or associate. He trusted this pokemon with everything, and the feeling was reciprocated.

The towering dragon lets out a roar of anger and begins to levitate. Braylon grins and points his finger to the dragon as if it’s a gun and mouths ‘bang’, to the gargantuan beast. Hitmonlee steps back towards Braylon.

“Your time is up Hitman. Now, I shall unleash my beast.” Braylon says sending Hitmonlee back to his confines.

“What does Kamikaze have up his sleeve now!? Dragons are generally impenetrable creatures! And this is by far one of the strongest pokemon we have in our league!” The announcer booms.

“What does this kid have left for me?” James thinks, “This could definitely turn the tables on his plan. I will punish his insolence.”

Braylon takes out his pokeball and points it at James. The young boy stares at the older, and visibly shaken man.

“Mewtwo. Give these folks a show” He says nonchalantly.

“Mewtwo? Mew.. Two.. What kind of pokemon is that?? Could it just be a nickname? What in the world does this kid Kamikaze have up his sleeve!?” The befuddled announcer looks around trying to figure out what Braylon meant by, ‘Mewtwo’. The crowd, equally confused, begins to murmur amongst themselves. James waits for the release of the pokemon, hoping to take whatever it is out with one attack.

Braylons pokeball opens up and out comes a grey and lavender pokemon. The crowd begins to roar! This pokemon had never been seen before, and the people were excited to learn about the new pokemon. Unfazed by the crowd noise, both pokemon lock eyes and begin to stare vehemently at each other. The six foot tall Mewtwo  stands a foot shorter than the bulkier Dragonite. Dragonites height advantage coupled with its ability to fly gave hope to James.

“Voodoo! Destroy this demon childs foreign pokemon! Hyper Beam attack!” James shouts.

Voodoo’s purple glow disappears and it lands on the ground. It opens its mouth and looses a huge purple beam at Mewtwo! The force of the beam causes the arena to rumble slightly and the lights flicker. Mewtwo simply lifts his hands and seemingly blocks the blast with some sort of invisible wall! The force of the attack barely moves Mewtwo, but it sends Braylon sprawling back. The young man quickly gets to his feet and rushes behind Mewtwo again, standing on his toes to whisper something in its ear. With the blast still spewing from Voodoo’s mouth Mewtwo itself levitates slightly off the ground and throws the blast straight through the arenas roof! The blast explodes through the roof and debris begins to fall onto the court. Voodoo, exhausted from its most powerful attack, falls to one knee to recuperate. Mewtwo, still staring at Voodoo, clinches his fists and flinches forward at his opponent. Voodoo, as if attacked, flinches backwards.

“What the hell? Voodoo! What’s wrong?” Asks a frightened James.

Voodoo begins to shake violently. Mewtwo stretches his hand out towards Voodoo and points up. Its body raises, still shaking uncontrollably, in the air. Voodoo starts to bleed slowly out of its extremities, moaning slightly, in pain. James begins to scream for Braylon to stop, but the child is too caught up in his pokemons actions to notice. Mewtwo brings his hands together, but quickly rips them apart! Voodoo stops shaking and it brings relief to James and most of the crowd. Voodoo screams again in pain and abruptly explodes sending blood and fluids raining into the again horrified crowd. People begin to flood outside the arena, covered in one of their most beloved heroes’ blood. James, mystified by this latest action, slumps to the floor.

“You… win…” He croaks with tears streaming from his eyes. “You bastard! You win!”

Mewtwo returns to his tiny home and Braylon walks up to the defeated James. He leans down and whispers,

“Just another day in the business, eh old man?” He asks mokingly. The young usurper exits through the hall, awaiting the former Champ to declare him the New Champion.

Dream 11/2011


These seemingly unalterable mind episodes. The seemingly unimportant synthesis of subconsciousness and imagination. The wonderment of our minds during the day, and our secret reprieve during the night. The movies that we star in but can never directly direct. Our fears and hopes manifest in and played out in an eerily harmonious symphony of unrelated images.The stress of the day often imprints itself in our minds and in our dreams we are plagued to remake mistakes already made, and are powerless to fix them. A dream is an oxymoron. A forgotten memory. A moment in time that never exists, yet is so fathomable during that moment. Dreams can help build magnificent cities or make the dreamer self destruct and make the mind implode.

Beautiful Dreamer. I pine for a dream of beauty.

A dream can be Heaven or Hell.

A dream can be a beast if held on the inside. But it can be a blossoming masterpiece when realized on paper.

Dreams are lands in which you can live and die thousands of times, and love thousands more. A place where you are autopiloted and decide things contrary to how you actually would respond in reality. Your dream has no reason to fool you though. What does your mind achieve from tricking itself? Nothing near the effect it has of you tricking others. As unrealistic dreams may be, on the contrary, you may be as real as ever inside that dreamscape. Your shell is on the outside, in the real world. Such is the facade we put on for others.