Pay to Play

She stood by the door

About a foot under the awning

She bade me to come in

Lack of willpower leading me to another sin

She told me she was down for anything

Ready to act crazy

But before we began, she had to say,

Y’know babe, for this, you gotta pay to play

An act so precious

Given up as a commodity.

A question I ask, as not to be funny

But in all reality, what is love to money?

They reply to ‘love giving’ as just another grind.

A tool to get by

But what was once worthwhile

Is given up as easily as a car eats miles.

A fair trade, is a laughable statement at best.

You fulfill another’s carnal desire,

To consume your needs of today,

You tell the poor soul, ‘You have to pay, to play.’

As much as my body quivered for another

I knew then it was time to go.

Knowing the aftermath, of playing this game

I felt it better to be alone, then to pay this dame.

Business is business,

Yeah, I understand that fact.

But to have me pay for a contradiction,

Something worth everything and nothin’?

‘I beg for forgiveness darling, but,

This ain’t my type of party.

You’re  beautiful, and with you I’d love to lay

But you’re an expendable service, I’ll never pay to play.’