Interview with EGP Tyrant

To this day, I have not played EGP Tyrant. Top Jax player, alongside CDjr, Tyrant is definitely a force. I met Tyrant at EGP Redemption and watched him win the tournament in stunning fashion. He is a clutch player. He gets out of so much -shit- that it is ridiculous! He is an instinctual player and can get away with heinous MK crimes if you allow him to.


Elijah W.- EGPTyrant  Twitter-@egptyrant





How long you have played the MK series?

5 or 6 years. MK3 was first.

What makes you play this fighter over other fighters? Do you play and compete in other fighters?

Blood and the overall setting of the game.

What would you tell other fighting game players about MK to get them into this series?

MK is not the hardest fighter to get into. The community, as a whole, is super friendly and will help you level up. It’s overall a good experience.

How have you liked the MLG experience?

Sick! The way it is set up and the hype is amazing

Will you be attending EVO? Why or why not?

Yes, it is the grandfather of all fighting game tournaments

If you could compare MK to anything else in the world what would it be and why?

No comparison.

If you were an MK character what would their intro line be?

I would just come in screaming.

Tyrant, the crazy man coming into the arena screaming. It’s kind of ironic, considering how laid back this guy is. Tyrant is the essence of mellow.