Interview with Pig of the Hut

The MK community needs a man like Pig. Brant is a vocal and very caring  figure in this community. He taught us how to deal with Raiden’s teleport, among other things, and I have yet to best his Kenshi in a FT5. Pig is a cornucopia of knowledge and is here for his community.


Brant M- Pigofthehut Twitter-@bambamguitar





How long you have played the MK series?

Since 1992 MK1 was my first game, but I didn’t play it to the degree that I play this game.This game is always fun and I am embracing the tournament spirit

What makes you play this fighter over other fighters? Do you play and compete in other fighters?

I like the tone, theme, direction of the current game and the community makes me feel as if I belong. I don’t play other fighters.

What would you tell other fighting game players about MK to get them into this series?

Best Mortal Kombat out of any installment and most tournament worthy. The community really grew up because of this game. The first couple of tournaments were won by people with solid fighting backgrounds, people not prominent in the MK community. Now it is solely our community winning these tournaments.

How have you liked the MLG experience?

So far so good. I love the respect they show MK. The west coast is respectable.

Will you be attending EVO? Why or why not?

Yes, I am going to support MK and the Fighting game community. I am shooting for top 8 or to take it all.

If you could compare MK to anything else in the world what would it be and why?

Chess, except real time and with more moves and pieces.

If you were an MK character what would their intro line be?

You’re not ready for this

He added, “I am excited to be here and my mission is to mentally hurt as many Kabals as possible.”

Though I didn’t catch every match pig played, I’m sure he disgusted a few Kabal players. Brant is a genuinely good person and I am glad a guy like this is seen as one of the faces of our community. He will help us grow as a community.